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Pallet Racking Frames & Pallet Racking Beams 

Superior Pallet Racking & Equipment is a Gold Coast based company experienced in supplying a range of brand new Pallet Racking frames and Pallet Racking beams both locally and Queensland wide. 

Superior Pallet Racking & Equipment recognizes the need to supply Pallet Racking that is versatile, compatible with other systems, meets Australian standards and is therefore safe, has strong load capacities and is a quality product at the best price on the market. 

Independently tested 

Our Pallet Racking frames and Pallet Racking beams have been independently tested by both James Cook University in Queensland and Monash University in Victoria. All our Pallet Racking beams are 50mm thick, not 45mm like many other retailers. 

In addition to the strength component of our Pallet Racking beams is the versatility of our products. All Pallet Racking sold by Superior Pallet Racking & Equipment is designed for virtually any type of forklift, including counterbalance and reach trucks. Our Pallet Racking is specially designed for easy access and flexibility during the storage and retrieval process. 

A wide range of storage and Pallet Racking options 

Pallet Racking beams sold by Superior Pallet Racking & Equipment come in a variety of sizes and weight capacities. The heavy duty 50mm thick box beams have spring loaded safety pins attached to the Pallet Racking beam connectors as per WPHS requirements.

 All our product is manufactured in accordance with Australian AS4084-2012 and Europe FEM standards. Queensland’s Superior Pallet Racking & Equipment can supply the Pallet Racking frames fully assembled at no added cost or unassembled for ease of transport.

Superior Pallet Racking & Equipment ensure that all their Pallet Racking is sold complete with spring loaded safety pins, 75mm x 12mm dyna bolts, Pallet Racking frame floor packers if required, a set of safety signs and any extras that may be necessary to simplify the installation process. Superior Pallet Racking & Equipment will happily supply Pallet Racking throughout Queensland and can arrange transport to any other Australian state. All our Pallet Racking frames and Pallet Racking beams are advertised and sold G.S.T inclusive and we offer genuine discounts on large pallet racking orders. 

 ** Brand New Pallet Racking Frames **   

Pallet Racking frames are NEW, STRONG and SAFE, powder coated in Blue, All Frame bolts are 8.8 grade. Our extremely well priced Pallet Racking frames are assembled FREE, then checked by the director prior to despatching.

 Pallet Racking frames can be Palletised and transported anywhere in Australia. 

 All Prices are per Frame including GST 

  • 2438 x 838 (Fully Assembled) $85 (inc GST) 
  • 3048 x 838 (Fully Assembled) $95 (inc GST) 
  • 3658 x 838 (Fully Assembled) $115 (inc GST
  • 4267 x 838 (Fully Assembled) $125 (inc GST)
 Prices are for Complete End Frames and include all Posts, Braces, Foot Plates, Dyna Bolts and All Nuts & Bolts.
 ** We can also supply frames 600 & 1220 Deep **

** Brand New Pallet Racking Beams **

SUPERIOR PALLET RACKING'S box beams are big and strong. 

All our beams are 50mm thick unlike other supplier’s beams, most of which are only 45mm thick. Our box beams are NEW, STRONG and extremely well priced. 

  • 1372 x 80mm - 4500kg Capacity UDL $30 (inc GST) 
  • 1829 x 80mm - 2750kg Capacity UDL $34 (inc GST)
  • 2591 x 80mm - 1480kg Capacity UDL $35 (inc GST) 
  • 2743 x 80mm - 1350kg Capacity UDL $38 (inc GST)
  • 2591 x 100mm - 2400kg Capacity UDL $40 (inc GST)
  • 2743 x 100mm - 2200kg Capacity UDL $42 (inc GST) 
  • 2591 x 120mm - 2926Kg Capacity UDL $44 (inc GST) 
  • 2743 x 120mm - 2750kg Capacity UDL $46 (inc GST)
  • 3658 x 140mm - 2549kg Capacity UDL $70 (inc GST)
  • 3810mm x 140mm - 2400Kg Capacity UDL $75 ( inc GST )

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