Australia’s most diverse range of Pallet Racking accessories

Superior Pallet Racking & Equipment sells an extensive range of pallet racking and longspan shelving accessories suitable for a multitude of requirements. Our accessories have been designed and manufactured specifically for our pallet racking and longspan shelving to complement our products and are all competitively priced, making them cost effective and value for money. 

All accessories for pallet racking and longspan shelving sold by Superior Pallet Racking & Equipment have been tested by us over many years and are the very same products being used on a daily basis in our factory/warehouse for the storage and handling of our pallet racking and longspan shelving. We are 100 per cent confident in the strength, durability, safety and performance ratings of all our pallet racking and longspan shelving accessories. 

Pallet Racking accessories 

Additional pallet racking accessories include extra strong under shelf supports and heavy, industrial quality frame protectors. Superior Pallet Racking & Equipment also stock robust fork extensions for the safe and efficient retrieval and movement of stock. 

When Superior Pallet Racking & Equipment choose accessories for their pallet racking and longspan shelving they do so with product safety, durability, performance, suitability and cost efficiency in mind. All our product is manufactured in accordance with Australian AS4084-2012 and Europe FEM Standards. 

Longspan shelving accessories

The longspan shelving accessories include our fitted white HMR melamine board which has a wipe clean surface and comes in a variety of sizes to suit all our long span shelving. 

Another longspan shelving accessory is our heavy duty and very durable powder coated mesh decks. For our pallet racking we have available heavy, industrial quality 1000 kg rated, powder coated mesh decks. 

Pallet Racking Accessories

  • WIRE DECKING WITH 3 SUPPORT BARS 1280mm x 838mm 1000kg Capacity - $39 inc GST *
  • UNDER SHELF SUPPORT BARS 838mm also with board retainer at- same price - $12 inc GST *
  • Heavy Duty Cantilever arms ,170Kg rated ,simply clip to existing pallet racking - $30 inc GST  *

Brand new Heavy Duty Stillage

               ********   $195  ********  each inc GST
These are brand new Heavy Duty Stillage, Powder Coated Safety Orange, with removable corner posts, each stillage is 1100mm x 1100mm x 1000mm. Each single stillage can handle 2000Kg on its own or 1000Kg when stacked 3 Stillage high. These are Heavy Duty New Stillage, weight is 55Kg each and can be trucked back to back on a standard tray truck. They have wide bell base feet for ease of stacking with a forklift, also they can be moved around the factory with a pallet jack. We have been using these for the last 10 years ourselves and decided after numerous requests by our clients to stock these Heavy duty Stillage. If you want you can have a look at them in use at our factory, also when not in use simply take out the corner posts and stack them on top of each other, they are only 250mm high each for ease of storing.
H/Duty Stillages with removable posts $220 in gst

Heavy Duty Pallet Racking Frame protectors

$30 each inc GST
We have designed some H/Duty Pallet Racking Frame protectors, there is no bolting or fixings, these weigh just over 4 Kg’s each and simply clip onto the Pallet Racking Frame. Clip the supports in place, then slide the protectors onto the clips - very simple and very strong. Protectors are 600mm High and 112 mm Wide, Safety Orange in colour and can be adjusted, removed and reused within seconds. We have limited stock and at $30 each inc GST they won’t last long. Contact Patrick for more information and availability anytime on 0408 764 835. 
Heavy Duty Pallet Racking Frame protector
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